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Top 10 online digital marketing jobs in Kenya

Technology has been the source of improvement and advancement in various facets of life: economically, spiritually, and physically. In the economic world, people have benefited from the increment in opportunities created in the business. In turn, this has created job opportunities for those with the passion and technical know-how in the industry. New opportunities have risen while existing ones have widened their limitations below are Top 10 online digital marketing jobs in Kenya

Online Digital Marketing Manager

This position deals with all matters pertaining to the brand in relation to sales – it is the business gateway to the world. The questions that are answered by this job are:

  • Is the brand getting enough visibility and awareness?
  • Are the sales a reflection of the brand position in the charts?
  • What can be done to the brand to raise sales?


To be an online marketer, one requires to have relevant experience in marketing and internet usage. You need to be skilled in digital marketing tools and techniques and the ability to run campaigns. Additionally, you will also need to lead the marketing team ensuring that the right content is updated at the right time and in the proper context (Content regulation). You are also tasked with trend analysis that will assist in decision-making that will influence your brand’s performance.

Top 10 online digital marketing jobs in Kenya
Top 10 online digital marketing jobs in Kenya

Areas of work

In this position, you can work in a small or big business provided they have digitized their business or are in the process of digitization. Personal brands can also be an area of opportunity but it will limit the scope of work for the manager.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist

These specialists are sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) executives. They ensure that the website is easily found when queried on the internet. As a result, they ensure that the website’s traffic improves. In order to improve the traffic, one needs to utilize and tweak various Google analytics such as tags, links and Google Ads, keyword research and targeting. To succeed as an SEO executive, you need to master the aforementioned tools. You also need to keep up with technology to maintain high standards in the business.

This job is most viable in a business. It is common knowledge that every business wants to be on top of the leaderboard. What simple way to do that than hiring an SEO executive?


Social Media Marketer

A social media marketer ensures that social media accounts are updated with captivating and attractive content that will maintain and boost traffic. They utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube etc. They are adept at how each platform operates and how to make the most of them.

Their main aim is to ensure that the masses that log into social media view and intrigued by the content they find. Therefore, it is important to be a good content creator and manager lest your account becomes adrift.

Most companies and personal brands have social media platforms and require good management for prosperity. This makes this job a hotspot across board on any company or personality.


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Email marketing strategist

Have you ever received a company email promoting or informing you of their products? Did you click to read more or ignored the mail? – This sums up the work of an email marketing strategist. The main purpose is to do marketing by email: to coerce the customers/readers by words (subject matter and opening statement) to buy or engage in your business.

For one to be successful, it is a requisite that you have a good command of the language and have inviting words in the email.  Since this provides an additional method of advertising and marketing, any company would be delighted to have the services of the strategist.


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Content manager

A content manager decides which information will be put up on a website or any online platform that a business holds. The content chosen should attract customers and build a customer base based on traffic and engagements acquired.

This is a position that any business must have to succeed in making its mark in online business.

A content manager should not only be rich content-wise but also very creative in order to penetrate its respective niche. The manager should also know how to utilize aesthetic tools to present ideas in an appealing manner.



A copywriter is responsible for writing and editing of content. The writer should have a good command of language and captivating words. The writer executes what has been agreed upon by the managers.

A copywriter can work for companies or bloggers who need excellent quality of work that will attract readers. It is imperative to note that a copywriter focuses more on the output based on instructions given by the content manager. This is the commencement of the production of information.


E-commerce specialist

E-commerce is on the rise in the world. It is projected that in the next 20years, over 80% of people will have crossed over to the digital world thus trading using E-commerce. It is an important part of any business. The specialist ensures that the user interface is easy to use, is extensive and operates smoothly. They require web optimization and/or data analysis techniques to succeed. Their main aim is to promote sales in companies.


Data analyst

A data analyst essentially collects and analyses data of different trends, campaigns or even Ad tools. Once the data is analyzed it can be processed into information that will benefit the company.

A data analyst should be able to use different analysis tools like Excel, Tableau to influence decisions and predict future trends. The analyst is most needed in a company that has changed on the horizon.


Affiliate  marketers

These are managers who contract people to advertise a product on commission. They identify brands/ personnel that can be able to raise awareness of the product due to the amount of traffic they already have.


Paid Ad marketer

These marketers are centered on creating and running Ads to promote a company or a brand. They utilize 3 strategies: using the search engine, social media of web banner Ads.


These are just the most common jobs in online digital marketing in the country. If you can hack a few requirements and build on a specialty, I bet you can earn good money. It only requires dedication, a few certifications and you are good to go!


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