Top 10 Most Visited Websites in Kenya

The growth in technology has enabled most people regardless of their age to use the internet for various reasons: Top 10 most visited websites in Kenya list will show you that apart from education, information, business people also visit websites for Entertainment. Statistically, the percentage of people using the internet is steadily rising by the year. However, what do people mostly browse? What are their interests in the internet?

  1. com

This is the most visited website around the world, Kenya is no exception. Its uses range from informative, educative to entertainment. It is considered the world’s dictionary or library. It contains millions of information via links that people use to enrich themselves. In Kenya, people mostly search for games, betting sites, Kenyan culture, news, social media platforms such as Facebook.

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Furthermore, it has online storage that people use to store their information. As a requirement, it is mandatory for every android user to have a Gmail account. This has greatly influenced the traffic of the website


  1. YouTube

In the manner of Google, YouTube holds the same reputation. It is a world full of entertaining videos. Statistically, it only comes second to Google. People visit YouTube for music, videos, favorite musicians like Sauti Sol, Diamond etc. With the lockdown taking effect this year due to the pandemic, celebrities and personalities like Jalango have turned on YouTube. They have used it to create an audience and connect with their fans by providing content and social media challenges that have caused a stir and increased the numbers. The lockdown has also caused people to familiarize and utilize YouTube more in learning and education.

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  1. Media group houses

The Nation Media Group (NMG), Royal Media Service (RMS), in particular Citizen, and Standard Group (SG) are the most common websites that people have visited in this case. People visit these websites to stream news or even catch up with what may have been missed. They offer both print and audiovisual media. Due to the nature of the information offered, these houses are considered a hotspot of information. This is what makes the websites top the chart lists. Kenyans prefer the Standard group to the other media houses. NMG comes a close second while Citizen is the least preferred house.


  1. co.ke

This is a website that focuses of local news that mostly revolves around the ‘who is who’ in society. Some people may refer to it as the local gossip paper.  It has the latest news across the counties and about celebrities and politicians. It is known for timely and extensive news coverage: they leave no stone unturned. It also serves as an entertainment and a trendsetter in the media outlets for the nontraditional media presentation. Kenyans.co.ke is another website that serves the same purpose but is less preferred than Tuko.

  1. Facebook

This is the highest-ranked social media. It is no surprise considering the number of subscribers in the country. This has also been made possible due to the use of Facebook in trading activities. Many Kenyans have started business pages where they utilize their marketing techniques to move their goods and services. This has in turn created a mini market purpose in addition to communication and keeping in touch. People have also used it as a hiring and job creation portal. With all these functions, it is only fair that it is among the top websites.

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  1. Netflix

Recently, Netflix has been a talk on the rise among Kenyans. It has become the Top 10 most visited websites in Kenya been described as the entertainment hub by most as it is a paradise of Hollywood in a nutshell. A variety of movies and series can be selected and binge-watched on a weekend (heaven for introverts). Its availability and opportunities for sharing accounts have made it a fan favorite especially among people, both young and old. It has also shown interest in supporting local content. Its rise has been fueled further by the addition of some locally produced content like Disconnect. This, together with lockdown influence, has accentuated its reason and use in our country.

  1. Jumia


This is the only E-commerce website in the top 10. This goes a long way to prove its legitimacy and excellence in the industry. It has a variety of goods that are quality and fairly affordable. Its reliability is on point thus the high rankings. More people are willing to have their goods delivered due to convenience especially in this ongoing pandemic season. This is a contributing factor to the advancement of the website.

  1. Bet9ja

Betting is one of the highly ranked activities among the youth in the country. Previously, Sportpesa held the reigns as the most visited betting company. Nevertheless, following its row with the government, investors, or rather bettors, had to source for other means to bet. Bet9ja seems to have steadied itself to the top above Betway, Sportbet etc

  1. Grammarly

This is a website frequented by writers. It is used to check for plagiarism and quality (without grammatical errors).

In the advent of online jobs, copywriting is one of the most sought and available jobs. Kenyans have taken up that opportunity and worked through it. They have enrolled in various freelancing and writing websites such as Writers bay, Essaypro, Upwork, etc. To be the best, you have to do quality work. This necessitates the website. It always assures you of quality. Though it has an annual charge, most writers prefer foregoing the charge than presenting poor quality work. It is an essential tool that any writer should not miss.

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  1. Wikipedia

This is a website that is used for reference. It contains large volumes of information thus considered an encyclopedia by most people. Contrary to Google, in Wikipedia, you can get information that has been collected and generated without being rerouted to other websites/ pages. In this sense, it becomes superior to the former.


In this millennium, technology is nothing new even for toddlers. They have familiarized themselves with the tools and devices of this millennium. These are just a few websites that point out our country is slowly turning their eyes and embracing technology. They have covered a big percentage of our day to day lives since they ease our lives. The only thing to do is to brace yourselves for much more!


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