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How much does it cost to design a website in Kenya?


How much does it cost to design a website in Kenya is a common question that most entrepreneurs in Kenya ask all the time.  most are in a maze of website creation! Do you not know where to start from, what you need or how to maneuver? Then this is the right place for you. It is said, for one to start, you have to picture the expected end goal so as to define the best path to take.

There are various factors to be considered lest you make an incorrect decision. These factors are:

  1. Time and skill

  2. Budget

  3. Type of the website


  1. Time and skill

Are you willing to put in the hours to create your website? The answer to this question will determine how you will build the website. If you are willing to do the setup and put in the maintenance time required, then you can opt for using website builders such as Wix, Hostfiti, Weebly. It is one of the cheapest and easy to use methods of website creation. Furthermore, it has a variety of inbuilt features that gives you a good foundation for the website.

It does not matter if you are an amateur or an expert, they provide step by step procedures. The responsibility of maintenance also lies in the owner too. A website needs continuous update and effort. It is not a one-off job. Consequently, it is vital that if the owner explores this option, s/he should be ready to commit to continuous development and learning to keep the website afloat and at par with technology.


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In contrast, if you feel you require expert advice and input, you can hire a web designer/developer. Despite being more expensive, it offers a custom made and elite website. It has additional features such as extra menus and options. It is also aesthetically pleasing than the latter. This method particularly lifts the burden of creation and maintenance of the owner.

The designer will listen to your needs and accordingly create a website as per your request. He will also be responsible for maintaining the website. However, for small business owners, this may be expensive to cater for. In some cases, it will also take more time in order to create and test run for it to be in use.

There is an intermediary method that can be said is a combination of the two: using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. This system requires coding a sit is not as straight forward as using a web builder. Alternatively, you can ask your web designer to use it to create the website.

It requires one to go the extra mile of learning about coding and also consumes time in tweaking content r photos as per the user’s demands.

This leads to the question, which are you willing to forego, time, or money?


  1. Budget

It is said, it takes money to make money. How much are you willing to invest in this venture? Pricing will be in tune with the three aforementioned categories.

  1. Using a web builder

These systems mostly charge maintenance only. Domain, hosting, web design and web content often are free. The only tasks are assembling and maintenance costs. However, some sites will charge an annual subscription fee that will cover the maintenance and support costs. The fee varies from Ksh. 3000 to Ksh. 7500 per year. Extra items like E-commerce or apps will also incur additional costs. For some sites, after the first year, there is an additional charge of the domain. Their prices will vary depending on the type of domain you will need.

  1. Using CMS

The difference between CMS (we shall focus on WordPress) and using a basic web builder is that the web design is usually charged. This is because the user will prefer custom made themes which draw more expenses to the user. CMS allows the user to manipulate the themes into a website that will be more appealing to the user.

The maintenance and support cost is also charged on an annual basis.

website designer
How much does it cost to design a website in Kenya?

Domain and hosting are also charged separately. There are various types of hosting in WordPress: shared, dedicated or E-commerce. Shared is the cheapest and will go for as low as Ksh. 2500 per year. It basically entails one sharing the resources available with others. For starters, this is the best plan.


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Dedicated are the managed WordPress domains that have resources dedicated to a particular user. This hosting is fit for large data users. E-commerce specializes on E-commerce websites that allow or trading and business activities. The domain is charged once per year and costs between Ksh. 1000 to Ksh 6000.

It may also be necessary for one to acquire security features that will ensure online safety and security. This will cost an additional Ksh. 20000 per annum on average. Nonetheless, you can also get free security features on the internet that are worth a try.

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  1. Using a web expert

Professionals’ charges often differ depending on the level of expertise and the person. As is the norm, a fee has to be agreed upon on any kind of service offered. This is no exception. The charges will range from as low as 20,000. The upper limit of the charges as however not limited as it will rise depending on the person, quantity and quality of work.

The interval and amount to be paid is dependent on the contractual agreement of both parties. Apart from the contractual fee, you will need to cater for the hosting and security charges. As before, the security charges can as well be dealt away with if proper research is conducted.

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  1. Type of website

This is vastly determined by the purpose of the website. What do you intend for the website to achieve?

With each category, comes a different end goal:

  1. E-commerce

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These are mainly websites that feature a variety of products and enable the buying and selling of items. An example of such a website is Jumia website. This type requires complex designs, data and coding for it to serve its purpose

  1. Blog

This is the most common type of website. It provides a platform in which a person, group of entities can input data and information for others to read/learn. It has average requirements hence one can use CMS to make it.


  • Business

This is basically an online representation of a business entity. It does not however include the trading docket. It advertises and gives an in-depth look of the business in a nutshell. In this kind of website, it is imperative to maintain the logo and presentation of the business on the home page.

  1. Portfolio websites

These websites showcase past works of different professions, especially in the art and service industry. This builds their career and also works as an advertising tool


With all these in mind, it is easy to make your decisions and also commit your funds to a particular course with the sue confidence of a good website. Be wise and you will surely be ahead of the pack!

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